Varieties of Yazh

Adi yazh: A 1000-stringed yazh used for chasing away animals and rakshasa-s in forests.
Narada periyazh: A 1000-stringed yazh, in the shape of a triangle. This instument had Mandara, Madhya and Tara sthayi (3-octave range) strings.
Adi kala periyazh: A 100-stringed instrument.
Periyazh: A 21-stringed instrument.
Seeriyazh: A stringed instrument with 7 or 9 strings. It is stated that the instrumentalist playing Periyazh was known as “Banan” and that his wife (known as “Padini”) played the Seeriyazh.
Makara Yazh: A 17-stringed instrument.
Sakoda yazh: A 16-stringed instrument.
Sengotti yazh: A 7-stringed instrument. As in the present-day Vina, it had 4 main strings and 3 strings for tala.
Tumuru yazh: A 9-stringed intrument.
Kichaka yazh: A 100-stringed yazh.
Maruttuva yazh: This was a single stringed insrument capable of presenting 62 types of notes and known as Deva yazh.
Kurinji yazh, Palai yazh, Maruda yazh and Mullai yazh: Corresponding to the 4 regions of ancient Tamil landscape.
Vallaki yazh : It is said that Brihaspati used to play on this type of yazh.
Killai yazh: This instument had a face like that of a parrot.

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