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The Beautiful Port City of Trincomalee

After checking in to Chaya Blue Resort, from our balcony, we watched the glorious sight of

The British in Trincomalee

On January 8, 1782 the fort was captured by the British, only to be recaptured by

Hindu historical sites

The Konēsvaram temple attracted pilgrims from all parts of India. The Konēsvaram shrine itself was demolished

The Dutch Fort

The entrance to the roadway leading to Koneswaram is actually the entrance to what used to

The Hot Springs

Among the sights of the place are the seven hot springs of Kanniyayi, on the road

The Harbor

To begin with features sacred, is not to belittle or depreciate the other manifold fascinations of


Trincomalee District which is in the Northern part of the Eastern Province is bounded in the

History of Trincomalee

The District was captured by Portugese in the 16th century. The destruction and looting of the