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The Conquest by British

The Dutch Fort was the first to fall to the British in 1796. The Dutch ceded

The Conquest by Dutch

In 1658 Mannar was captured by the Dutch. From there, they marched through the jungle lands

The Conquest by Portuguese

The conquest of Jaffna by the Portuguese under Captain General Constantine de Sa in 1620-21 spelt


“The Jaffna Peninsula is one of the most remarkable settlements in South Asia. The Tamil inhabitants

Jaffna after Independent

Certain events after Independence have made such a phenomenal impact on both communities of Sinhalese and

Jaffna – A major trading center

Jaffna developed into a major trading centre. This might have been due to the imaginative efforts

The Tamil Kingdom

In the first place, there was internecine dissension and discord among the Sinhalese rulers. As a

Jaffna in 11 – 15 Centuries

During the rule of the Cholas in the eleventh century, the Tamils living in the Island

Jaffna and South Asia

It is during this period just before the advent of the Christian era that Jaffna became

The Megalithic Culture

The Brahmi inscriptions of Sri Lanka belonging to the third century B.C., having close affinity with