Geographical Location

Batticalo a is a city in the Eastern Province of Sri Lanka. It lies in 580824.828 M, North and 598832.632 M East in the global position ing system (G.P.S) coordinates. It has a heritage of its own. The city of Batticaloa is bounded on the North by the Eravur Pattu Pradeshiya Saba, on the East by Bay of Bengal, on th e South by Kattankud y Urban Council and on the West by Batticalo a lagoon which separates the Manmunai West Divisional Secretariat division and Manmunai North Divisional Secretariat division. The Eastern side of the city is sandy and the Western side is sandy and gravel. The city is flat with the exception of Puliyantivu which is a little higher than the rest of the area. The city is b etween 1.20 M and 4.0 M above M.S.L. with scrub jungle and mangrove on the Northern side bordering the lagoon . The annual rainfall is from 864 mm and 3081 mm brought by the seasonal North – East monsoon and inter monsoon. The rainy season is between October and January. The temperature is recorded between 25°C and 36°C. Batticalo a Municipal Council limit coincides with the Manmunai North D.S. Division.

The city is connected to other parts of the island through two highways one starting from Batticaloa to the North and the other to the South. The train service also starts from Batticalo a and moves to the North. This city is 303 Kilometers from Colombo.

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