The following is a list of important crops cultivated in the Peninsula: nellu or rice; varaku


Finally, a word about Muslims in Jaffna. According to statistics, among the population of the Jaffna


  As mentioned earlier, the Portuguese introduced Catholicism into Jaffna. Catholic missionaries built not only churches


The worship of cobra, which is related to Siva and his consort Sakti, according to some,


The dominant institution of the societal organization of the people of Jaffna has been, and to

Anna unchal

Anna unchal, namely swiniging to the rhythm of a song called kappal paddu, literally a ship


There are games for girls, too. Kentaal is a game of hopping on foot. A small


Savari- bullock cart race- is another folk sport in Jaffna. Bullocks are specially reared to participate


Var is another vigourous game for the boys. Participants are divided into two groups. Three lines

Kuzhai edukkirathu

Kuzhai eduktirathu, meaning literally taking a branch of leaves and sprouts, is a game in which